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    We have everything you need to light up in style, from the best selection of affordable torch lighters, rare Zippo Lighters, torches and accessories. 

    Torch Lighters

    We feature affordable torch lighters that don’t skimp on quality. Shop top-quality mini butane torches, accessories, dab torch and butane refills.

    Butane is the choice fuel for smokers and anyone using dab rigs since torches burn clean. Butane lighters also burns at a lower temperature than propane and produces lower amounts of carbon dioxide. Anyone smoking or dabbing with these should be careful while using mini butane torches, and they should only be burned in a well-ventilated space.

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    • Zippo
    • Pro-Lite
    • Purple Haze
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    3 products
    Whip-it 420 accessories 420ml Whip-it Butane Whip-it Butane - Yorkton Vape SuperStore, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Whip-it Butane
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